I grew up in a very small town. I know this is a common phrase from people all over the country, especially in a blog…but really its true. Medfield is a town where you can walk anywhere and be stopped and pulled into a conversation about almost anything. Whether your walking to the North St market for a soda or the simple task of getting the mail, you can’t escape the small town chatter. Part of me actually misses that.

Its a kind of place that becomes a part of who you are no matter how hard you try and block it. And once you come to copes with that and look back at the memories you have there, you realize it actually was as great as your parents said. Because at one point in your life you understand how lucky you were to live there, knowing the city you’re in now could not host a party in its center the way Medfield could.

I have moved away, moved back, and away again which makes me think…am I losing a part of who I am? Because as much as I hated DEADfield while living there, I can’t imagine my childhood anywhere else. Medfield is that bubble of a town where children hate it and adults love it…and I guess I’m in the middle somewhere. It’s a bitter-sweet relationship really.

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