I grew up in a very small town. I know this is a common phrase from people all over the country, especially in a blog…but really its true. Medfield is a town where you can walk anywhere and be stopped and pulled into a conversation about almost anything. Whether your walking to the North St market for a soda or the simple task of getting the mail, you can’t escape the small town chatter. Part of me actually misses that.

Its a kind of place that becomes a part of who you are no matter how hard you try and block it. And once you come to copes with that and look back at the memories you have there, you realize it actually was as great as your parents said. Because at one point in your life you understand how lucky you were to live there, knowing the city you’re in now could not host a party in its center the way Medfield could.

I have moved away, moved back, and away again which makes me think…am I losing a part of who I am? Because as much as I hated DEADfield while living there, I can’t imagine my childhood anywhere else. Medfield is that bubble of a town where children hate it and adults love it…and I guess I’m in the middle somewhere. It’s a bitter-sweet relationship really.

When I grow up.

I had a big imagination as a child. These are some of the professions I dreamed of being.

An Adventurer. I had this whole idea of how I would live my life in the jungle one day and the desert the next. I would never stop traveling. I used to tell my parents I wanted to find the one place left in the world that has been untouched, that no one had ever seen.

A Lawyer. For a brief moment in time I wanted to study law. Then I saw Legally Blonde and my mind was changed.

A Country Singer. This one lasted a little too long. I used to sing Toby Keith’s Mexico in my head for weeks until I learned enough of the lyrics to sing out loud…then I discovered that I could never be a singer…my heart was broken on that one (this was pretty recent).

A Poet. A personal favorite of mine. This one came to me mid high school. I was in the art scene full swing at this point and I thought I was amazing. I would drive to the 24hr Starbucks and spend hours writing down poems. I never liked rhyming so they were more of little stories that really only made sense to me. This career path ended when I realized I was spending to much money on coffee.

A Model. This one happened when I was about 14. I went to a modeling agency and everything, they had me walk a mock runway, take a few test shots and present a portfolio. My portfolio consisted of my MySpace default pictures and I was so proud of them. I lasted about a month in the modeling world. They asked me to wear blue contacts because it made me look more adorable…but I wasn’t adorable I was supposed to be a heart throb, thus ending my stardom.

A Chef. This was when I was around 10-14. I tried cooking everything, I spent my savings on cook books and spent most of my time in the kitchen. My sister and i started off making little “concoctions”, as I would refer to them, and then cry when we had to eat whatever it was. I eventually graduated to making meals here and there and even my own cake for my 12th birthday which was a great success and further drove my need to have my own restaurant. I don’t know what happened to that one…it just sort of ended one day.